What is New!

•     Works With All Versions of Windows (2000 or later)
•     Requires Excel (2000 or later)
•     Faster, Easier, and More Powerful
•     Designed for New Generation Computers and Operating Systems
•     One Click Interface
•     Hi and Low Resolution Options
Automatic Calculations
•     Easy Alimony Adjustment to Income
•     Interim Division of Income and Expenses

The New Mexico Child Support Guidelines Software PLUS calculates child support and the interim division of income and expenses.  Enter data, see results, and print worksheets.  Prepare alternative scenarios for every case.  See how proposed changes will impact the bottom line.

Print exhibits for Worksheet A, Worksheet B, Split Custody (Erickson) Child Support, and Interim Division.  Save and retrieve data for every case.

There are financial tools for a cash flow worksheet, a calculator to translate wages into monthly income, a calculator to translate monthly payments to payments per paycheck.