Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for Version 4?
Any PC computer operating under Windows 2000 or later, with Excel 2000 or later (except Excel 2010 64 bit), will run Version 4.

How do I learn to use Version 4?
The online Movies explain every feature.

What does the Trial Version do?
Everything, except save and retrieve case data.  When you purchased Version 4, we will send you an installation upgrade key. 

How can I ask questions?
See Contact web page.  The online store will feature a telephone number for sales information.

What do I do with Version 3.6?
Version 3.6 will no longer be supported after the release of Version 4.  However, you run keep both versions on your computer.  Case Data files for Version 3.6 will not transfer to Version 4.  A completely new and more powerful software engine comes with Version 4.

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